Which Hand Should You Wear Your Crystal Bracelet?

which hand to wear crystal bracelet


If it is one thing that never goes out of fashion, it’s crystal jewelry. Crystals have existed for centuries, even dating back to Greek history. And even today, they still draw us to their magnificent beauty! Clearly, crystal healing has become such a popular tradition in the modern world.

Yet, crystals are more than just items of beauty; they are also powerful gemstones that can sort through the energy levels of their wearer, even helping them manifest their dreams into reality. However, for crystals to work as intended, you need to use them correctly. And if you have one or more crystal bracelets, one way you can use these rightly is by wearing them in the correct hand.

But wait, does it really matter which hand to wear crystal bracelet? And if it does matter, on which hand should you wear them? Read on to find out!

Does It Matter On Which Hand to Wear Crystal Bracelet?

This is one of the most asked questions about crystal bracelets. According to some people, you should choose which hand to wear crystal bracelet carefully, since your choice will impact how effective the crystals' healing powers will be. On the other hand, some people feel that the choice of which hand you can wear your crystal bracelet does not really matter, so you can wear them on whichever wrist you feel like.

So what is the truth? Does it really matter on which hand you wear your crystal bracelets? The answer is, Yes! Each healing crystal bracelet should be worn on a particular wrist. Unlike regular bracelets with bits of crystals that are used for decorative purposes, crystal bracelets perform more functions than just adding to your collection of crystal jewelry. Hence, these should be worn on their respective intended wrist, if they are to fulfill their purpose.

One important thing to remember is that hands are strong energy fields; one hand gives energy while the other receives energy. The left hand is the receiving hand, which means it absorbs energies. On the other hand, the right hand is regarded as the giving hand, releasing energy. As for crystal, these have a great impact on your energy fields.

Therefore, you want to ensure they are placed in the right position on your body, where they can flow perfectly with your body's energy. Otherwise, if you wear the crystal on the wrong wrist, you could risk interrupting the energy flow between them. Interrupting the flow of energy between the hand and the crystal bracelet would then cause it to be less efficient, making it hard for it to achieve optimal performance and help you achieve your goals.

what crystals to wear on right hand

What Crystals to Wear On Right Hand or Left Hand?

Knowing that crystal bracelets should be worn on the correct wrist is one thing; knowing which particular wrist to wear them is another. Yet, if you are to get the most out of your crystal bracelets, it is crucial that you understand what crystals to wear on right hand and left hand. After all, crystal bracelets impact your energy level depending on the hand on which you wear them.

Consider in which cases you should wear your crystal bracelet on the right wrist and when you should wear them on your left wrist.

When Should You Wear Your Crystal Bracelet on Your Right Wrist?

The right hand releases energy, being the giving hand. Hence, you would do well to wear your crystal bracelets on the right hand when you wish to remove or protect yourself from any negative energies in your life. Similarly, you can wear the bracelet on your right wrist if you want to manifest certain positive energies that match your crystal.

You can also wear the crystal bracelet on this particular hand if you wish to release your innermost energy and give it to others. This is because wearing the healing crystals on your right hand helps you align your chakras and manifest your innermost intentions or energies.

Some examples of crystal bracelets that you can wear on your right-hand wrist include.

1. Black Onyx

The Black Onyx Crystal is a protective stone. In addition to protecting a person from danger and bad influences, the crystal also helps one overcome the challenges and obstacles in their life. Therefore, wearing a black onyx crystal on your right hand will offer you protection against harmful, as well as provide reliable guidance in your life.

 black onyx bracelet

2. Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is one of the most common crystals used for offering protection and purification. It is mainly used to remove toxic energies, break down negative energies and heal emotional wounds. The healing crystal also provides a shield against harmful radiation from cell phones, different environmental pollutants, and electromagnetic smog.

Therefore, if you are undergoing any trauma or are experiencing emotional pain, wear a black tourmaline bracelet on your right-hand wrist. The crystal will help you let go of the negative energy, so that you will be able to move on and heal. However, if you wish to receive the protective energy of the crystal, wear it in your left hand instead.

black tourmaline bracelet benefits

3. Obsidian

The Obsidian crystal is known to help wearers open up their "third eye." In other words, the crystal can help you connect with your psychic abilities and intuition. Besides, obsidian also cleanses your aura and chakra. So if you wish to gain more wisdom and tap into your intuition, it is high time you started wearing Black Obsidian bracelet on your right hand.

obsidian crystal

When Should You Wear Your Crystal Bracelet on Your Left Wrist?

As mentioned above, the left hand absorbs energies, since it is the receiving hand. Therefore, you should wear your healing crystals on your left hand when you wish to absorb their energy into your aura. For example, you can wear the crystal bracelet to receive its healing energy and focus it through your body or to receive positive energy from other people.

If you choose to wear your crystal bracelet on your left wrist, it is recommended that you wear it at night and when sleeping. At night, your body is more receptive to infusing your chakras and aura with the energies released by the crystals. Therefore, when you wear the crystals through the night, you will not only absorb more energy from the bracelet, but also resonate much better with their vibrations.

Here are good examples of crystal bracelets that are intended for use on the left hand:

1. Green Aventurine

The Green Aventurine crystal promotes success and happiness. It also boosts confidence among wearers, encouraging them to be more daring and adventurous. So if you are looking to manifest luck, good fortune, and abundance in your life, you should wear the Green Aventurine on your left wrist.
Furthermore, the Green Aventurine bracelet can improve your confidence so that you will be able to get out of your comfort zone and find new opportunities that you would've otherwise not have accessed easily.

green aventurine bracelet

2. Amethyst

Amethyst helps to balance emotions, helping a person attain genuine feelings of peace, tranquility, and harmony. Therefore, if you regularly experience stress, anxiety, or depression, you would do well to wear an amethyst bracelet on your left wrist. Doing so would help to bring balance to your emotions, giving you more peace and less anxiety.

amethyst crystal bracelet

3. Rose Quartz

The Rose Quartz Crystal is also known as the stone of divine and unconditional love. It is popularly known to help in opening up the chakra of the heart, allowing a person to experience all types of love and affection, including self-love. The crystal also helps reduce stress and anxiety, helping the wearer feel more at peace.

When you wear the Rose Quartz bracelet on your left wrist, it will help you feel much better emotionally. Also, since your body will absorb the crystal's energy, you will boost your self-love and gain even more confidence.

rose quartz benefits

4. Clear Quartz

As its name suggests, clear quartz gives you more clarity in life so that you see start seeing things more clearly and understand different aspects of your life much better. Besides, this crystal allows you to see past the negativity that could be affecting you in life, giving you a clearer picture of the future.
Therefore, when you wear the clear quartz bracelet on your left hand, you can rest assured that it will give you more clarity in life, whether it is at your workplace or home life. In turn, you will reduce any feelings of being overwhelmed, giving you peace and tranquility.

clear quartz benefits


You deserve to live a stress-free, happy and positive life, and crystal bracelets can give you just this. However, for these to actually help you manifest your dream life, you need to use them in the right way; this means wearing each crystal in its intended hand. Therefore, if you wish to absorb the crystal's energy, wear the bracelet on your receiving hand, the left hand. On the other hand, if you are looking to release the energy of the crystal and give out your positive energy to the world, wear it on your right hand. When you choose carefully on which hand you wear your crystal bracelets, you will never regret investing in them since you will gain the maximum benefit from them!

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