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Best crystals for confidence
Best crystal for confidence and success


Confidence is an inner quality that external factors and internal beliefs can influence. Crystals can assist in shifting our energy, removing blockages, and aligning our mind, body, and spirit to foster confidence from within. They act as gentle reminders and catalysts for positive change, supporting us in embracing our worth and capabilities. Crystals possess unique vibrations capable of balancing, healing, and transforming our energy fields. Regarding confidence, certain crystals carry specific energies to help us overcome self-doubt, embrace our true selves, and radiate a sense of self-assuredness.

Whether preparing for an important presentation, a social event, or simply seeking a boost in self-confidence daily, incorporating crystals for confidence into your routine may provide an extra layer of support. By harnessing the energies and properties of these remarkable gemstones, you can tap into your inner strength, cultivate self-belief, and project a confident aura in any situation. You can wear a crystal bracelet for confidence, or you keep them close to you. Remember, crystals are not magical solutions that will transform your life overnight. They are tools to support and amplify your intentions and inner work. So, let's learn about confidence and how we can enhance confidence with the help of crystals.

Definition of Confidence

Confidence is a state of self-assurance and belief in one's abilities, qualities, and judgments. It involves trusting oneself, feeling secure in one's decisions and actions, and possessing a positive attitude toward oneself and one's capabilities.

Importance of confidence in daily life

Confidence plays a crucial role in various aspects of daily life. It enables individuals to face challenges, overcome obstacles, and diligently pursue their goals. Here are a few reasons why confidence is necessary:

  • Emotional well-being: Confidence boosts self-esteem and self-worth, leading to greater happiness and overall mental well-being.
  • Relationships: Confidence allows individuals to communicate effectively, express their needs and desires, and establish meaningful connections.
  • Decision-making: Confidence empowers individuals to make decisions without excessive doubt or fear, leading to better choices and outcomes.
  • Resilience: Confidence helps people bounce back from setbacks and failures, enabling them to learn from their experiences and keep moving forward.


amethyst for confidence

Amethyst, a captivating purple crystal renowned for its beauty, has many benefits beyond its aesthetic appeal. Amethyst's benefits include a reduction in stress and anxiety. It can also significantly contribute to boosting confidence and fostering a sense of empowerment. ​​Find relief from anxiety with our Anxiety and Stress Bracelet Set also, designed to calm your mind. Stack these bracelet sets for maximum impact. Amethyst can enhance self-assurance and help individuals tap into their inner strength. From its ability to promote emotional well-being to its connection with higher realms, Amethyst is a remarkable stone for cultivating confidence and personal growth.

  • Self-Acceptance and Inner Strength: Amethyst's soothing energy can aid in fostering self-acceptance and nurturing inner strength. Promoting emotional well-being and tranquillity helps individuals overcome self-doubt and negative self-perception. It allows for cultivating a positive mindset and a deep sense of self-worth, essential for building confidence.
  • Overcoming Fear and Anxiety: Confidence often wavers in the face of fear and anxiety—Amethyst's stress-reducing properties and gentle energy assist in calming the mind and easing anxious thoughts. By creating a serene environment, Amethyst crystal supports the release of fear-based emotions, enabling individuals to approach challenges with greater clarity, courage, and confidence. You can also discover the transformative power of crystals as your allies in combating the crystals of anxiety and stress that weigh you down, helping you find balance and peace within.
  • Enhancing Intuition and Decision-Making: Amethyst's ability to strengthen intuition and insight can bolster confidence. By connecting individuals with their inner wisdom and higher self, Amethyst facilitates a deeper understanding of oneself and one's circumstances. This heightened awareness allows for intuitive decision-making, empowering individuals to trust their instincts and make choices aligned with their authentic selves.
  • Strengthening Connection to Personal Power: Amethyst's connection to higher realms and spiritual energies encourages individuals to tap into their power. By facilitating a relationship with divine guidance, Amethyst provides comfort and support, reminding individuals of their inherent strength and potential. This profound connection nurtures confidence and a sense of purpose, empowering individuals to embrace challenges and achieve their goals.
  • Inspiring Creativity and Self-Expression: It is possible to express confidence through creativity and self-expression. Amethyst stimulates creativity and aids in manifestation, allowing individuals to tap into their imaginative abilities and bring their ideas to life. Engaging in creative endeavors supported by Amethyst's energy provides a positive outlet for self-expression, encouraging individuals to embrace their unique talents and build confidence through their creative achievements.
  • Cultivating Positive Affirmations and Mindset: Amethyst's calming influence can help individuals develop positive affirmations and grow a supportive mindset. By reducing negative self-talk and promoting self-compassion, Amethyst supports creating empowering thoughts and beliefs. Through consistent use and intention, this crystal can serve as a reminder of one's worth and capabilities, strengthening confidence from within.

Amethyst offers various ways to benefit from its stress and anxiety-relieving properties. You can wear it as jewelry, such as an amethyst bracelet, an amethyst pendant, or an amethyst ring, to keep its soothing energy with you throughout the day. Placing an amethyst tree in your living or working space can create a calming atmosphere. Embracing the beauty and power of an amethyst pyramid promotes harmony and spiritual connection, making it ideal for meditation or creating a peaceful environment. Carrying a small amethyst tumbled stone or incorporating it into relaxation practices harnesses its calming energy, promoting emotional well-being and resilience in the face of stress and anxiety.


citrine crystal to boost your confidence

Citrine, a radiant golden crystal, holds many benefits that can boost confidence and promote a positive mindset. Known for its vibrant energy and uplifting properties, Citrine crystal benefits include inspiring self-assurance and inner strength. Citrine crystals can enhance confidence and foster a sense of empowerment. Citrine is also a crystal for friendship. From its ability to promote optimism to its connection with abundance and success, Citrine emerges as a powerful ally for cultivating confidence and embracing a positive outlook.

  • Radiating Optimism: Besides its ability to radiate joy and optimism, Citrine is widely regarded as a powerful gemstone. Its bright energy can uplift the spirit and help dissolve negative thoughts and self-doubt. By infusing positivity into one's mindset, Citrine encourages a confident and optimistic outlook, enabling individuals to approach challenges with a greater belief in their abilities.
  • Empowering Abundance and Success: Citrine is often associated with abundance and success. Its energy resonates with the manifestation of goals and aspirations, helping individuals attract prosperity and opportunities. Through its empowering influence, Citrine instills confidence by reminding individuals of their potential for success, encouraging them to take bold steps and embrace their abilities.
  • Boosting Creativity and Self-Expression: Citrine's vibrant energy stimulates creativity and self-expression. It can inspire individuals to tap into their unique talents and confidently pursue their passions. By fostering a creative flow, Citrine supports exploring new ideas and encourages individuals to express their authentic selves. This creative empowerment contributes to building confidence and a strong sense of self-worth.
  • Energetic Cleansing and Clarity: Citrine possesses cleansing properties that help dispel stagnant or negative energies. By clearing the mind and promoting mental clarity, Citrine allows individuals to focus on their goals and make informed decisions. This renewed clarity fosters confidence in decision-making and reduces anxiety associated with uncertainty.
  • Chakra Activation and Personal Power: Citrine resonates with the solar plexus chakra, which is associated with personal power and confidence. By activating this chakra, Citrine enhances one's sense of self and promotes inner strength. It empowers individuals to stand in their truth, assert their boundaries, and embrace their unique qualities, fostering unwavering confidence and authenticity.

To experience the stress-relieving properties of Citrine, you can incorporate this beautiful crystal into your daily life in various ways. Adorn yourself with a Citrine bracelet or Citrine ring, allowing its vibrant energy to uplift your mood and promote positivity throughout the day. Additionally, placing a Citrine tree in your living or working space can infuse the environment with its radiant and joyful energy. By harnessing the uplifting power of Citrine, you can cultivate emotional well-being and build resilience amidst the challenges of daily life.

Tiger's Eye

boost your confidence with tigers eye

With its captivating golden-brown hues, Tiger Eye crystal possesses many benefits that can boost confidence and cultivate inner strength. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, Tiger Eye is known for its grounding and empowering properties. Tiger’s Eye benefits include reducing anxiety to fostering intuition and creativity; Tiger Eye is a remarkable crystal for enhancing self-assurance and promoting a resilient mindset.

  • Stress and Anxiety Reduction: Tiger Eye Crystal can alleviate anxiety and stress. Its grounding energy helps calm the mind and provides stability, allowing individuals to navigate stressful situations more easily. By promoting relaxation and emotional balance, Tiger Eye supports confidence by fostering a resilient mindset in facing challenges.
  • Inner Strength and Courage: Tiger Eye is a stone that encourages inner strength and courage. Its energy empowers individuals to face their fears and overcome obstacles with confidence. By tapping into the grounding properties of Tiger Eye, individuals can cultivate a sense of personal power and resilience, enabling them to tackle life's challenges head-on.
  • Intuition and Decision-Making: Tiger Eye crystal enhances intuition and aids in making informed decisions. By fostering a deeper connection with one's inner wisdom, Tiger Eye allows individuals to trust their instincts and confidently make choices. This heightened sense of intuition provides a solid foundation for navigating uncertainties and challenges, instilling a sense of self-assurance in the decision-making process.
  • Creativity and Manifestation: Tiger Eye stimulates creativity and aids in manifestation. Engaging in creative endeavours can be a powerful outlet for building confidence. By promoting inspiration and encouraging the manifestation of desires, Tiger Eye crystal supports a positive mindset and reduces anxiety associated with feeling stagnant or lacking direction. Embracing creative expression with Tiger Eye can unlock a newfound sense of confidence and authenticity.
  • Protection and Grounding: Tiger Eye offers protection and grounding, creating a stable foundation for confidence to thrive. It protects against negative energies, allowing individuals to maintain a positive outlook and focus on their goals. With its stabilizing energy, Tiger Eye provides a sense of security and encourages individuals to trust their abilities, fostering confidence in their capabilities.

To experience the stress-relieving properties of Tiger's Eye: Incorporate it into your daily life through various forms. Adorn yourself with a Tiger's Eye bracelet, allowing its energy to support tranquillity and emotional balance. Enhance your living or working space with a captivating Tiger's Eye sphere ball, creating an environment of harmony and grounding. Utilize a Tiger's Eye pyramid for deep introspection and spiritual growth during meditation.

Leadership:  When exploring how the Tiger eye supports leadership qualities, it is essential to consider its multifaceted benefits. Tiger Eye offers protection and grounding, creating a stable foundation for confidence to thrive. This protective stone shields against negative energies, fostering a positive outlook and enabling individuals to maintain focus on their goals. Moreover, with its stabilizing energy, Tiger Eye instills a sense of security and encourages individuals to trust in their abilities, thereby nurturing confidence in their leadership capabilities. Embracing the power of Tiger Eye can enhance one's leadership skills and empower them to lead with conviction."

By embracing the beauty and energy of Tiger's Eye tumble stone, you can tap into its soothing qualities and promote emotional well-being while maintaining resilience in the face of stress and anxiety.

Black Tourmaline

black tourmaline for confidence

Black Tourmaline, a striking crystal renowned for its protective properties, holds within it the power to enhance confidence and self-assurance. As a steadfast ally in promoting emotional well-being, black tourmaline benefits offer an array that can help alleviate anxiety and instil a sense of inner strength. Black Tourmaline can aid in boosting confidence and empowering individuals on their journey of self-discovery.

  • Shielding from Negative Energies: Black Tourmaline acts as a protective shield, repelling negative energies that may diminish confidence. By creating a barrier of energetic stability, this crystal fosters a sense of security, allowing individuals to navigate challenging situations with greater assurance. Its grounding energy is a protective shield, promoting emotional well-being and shielding against self-doubt and external negativity.
  • Energetic Cleansing and Rebalancing: Black Tourmaline can cleanse and purify the energy field, helping restore balance and harmony. When one's energy is aligned and in peace, it can positively influence confidence levels. By dissolving energetic blockages and purging stagnant energies, Black Tourmaline facilitates a renewed sense of vitality and self-assuredness, allowing individuals to approach life's challenges with resilience.
  • Enhanced Focus and Clarity: The grounding nature of Black Tourmaline promotes mental clarity and focus, reducing distractions and instilling a sense of purpose. Individuals can confidently make decisions and tackle tasks with a clear and focused mind. The stone's ability to dispel scattered thoughts and promote concentration enables individuals to approach situations with greater self-assurance and determination.
  • Emotional Stability and Self-Empowerment: Black Tourmaline aids in fostering emotional stability and self-empowerment. G grounding and stabilizing emotions help individuals manage anxiety and stress more effectively. By restoring emotional balance, individuals can tap into their inner strength and confidently face challenges. This renewed emotional stability allows for greater self-empowerment and control over one's emotions.
  • Protection during Personal Growth: Self-doubt and fear can hinder confidence during personal growth and transformation. Black Tourmaline serves as a guardian stone, providing a protective shield as individuals embark on their journey of self-discovery. By warding off negative energies and instilling a sense of security, Black Tourmaline encourages individuals to step outside their comfort zones and embrace their true potential.

To experience the stress and anxiety-relieving properties of Black Tourmaline, you can incorporate it into your daily life through various means. Wearing a Black Tourmaline bracelet or Black Tourmaline ring allows you to carry its protective energy throughout the day, creating a shield against negative influences. Adding a Black Tourmaline sphere ball to your living or working space helps to create a grounded and protective atmosphere, shielding you from stress-inducing energies. Utilizing a Black Tourmaline pyramid during meditation can enhance your spiritual connection and provide balance and tranquility. Additionally, carrying a small Black Tourmaline tumbled stone in your pocket or incorporating it into relaxation practices can help promote emotional well-being and resilience, enabling you to navigate stress and anxiety with strength and stability. Embrace the beauty and power of Black Tourmaline to cultivate a sense of calm and protection in your life.


amazonite for boosting confidence

Amazonite, a captivating gemstone known for its soothing hues of blue and green, possesses a range of benefits that extend beyond its aesthetic appeal. In addition to its calming properties, Amazonite can significantly boost confidence and foster a sense of empowerment. From its ability to promote emotional well-being to its connection with intuition and creativity, Amazonite benefits emerge as a remarkable stone for cultivating confidence and personal growth.

  • Stress and Anxiety Reduction: The tension- and anxiety-reducing properties of Amazonite make it highly regarded. Its gentle and soothing energy helps to calm the mind and alleviate anxiety, creating a sense of tranquility and emotional balance. By promoting relaxation and inner peace, Amazonite provides a supportive environment for reducing stress and fostering self-assurance.
  • Intuition and Self-Expression: Amazonite enhances intuition and encourages individuals to express themselves authentically. Connecting with the throat chakra promotes effective communication and aids in asserting one's thoughts and ideas with confidence. Through heightened intuition and self-expression, Amazonite empowers individuals to manage stress and anxiety by embracing their inner voice and trusting their instincts.
  • Emotional Healing and Balance: Amazonite is a valuable ally in emotional healing and restoring balance. Its nurturing energy helps to soothe and calm turbulent emotions, allowing individuals to process their feelings healthly and constructively. By fostering emotional well-being and stability, Amazonite creates a solid foundation for building confidence and resilience in facing challenges.
  • Courage and Self-Assurance: The energy of Amazonite encourages individuals to step out of their comfort zones and embrace new experiences with courage. Instilling a sense of self-assurance supports individuals in overcoming self-doubt and fear. This newfound courage enables them to face challenges head-on and approach life with confidence and determination.
  • Creativity and Manifestation: Amazonite stimulates creativity and aids in manifestation. By tapping into its energizing properties, individuals can unlock their creative potential and find innovative solutions to problems. Engaging in creative endeavors not only serves as a source of stress relief but also fosters a positive mindset and reduces anxiety associated with feeling stagnant or uninspired.
  • Self-Discovery and Personal Growth: Amazonite catalyzes self-discovery and personal growth. Its soothing energy encourages individuals to explore their true desires and passions, promoting a deeper understanding of oneself. By embarking on a journey of self-discovery, individuals can cultivate confidence and a sense of purpose, leading to greater fulfillment and empowerment.

To experience the stress and anxiety-relieving properties of Amazonite, you can adorn yourself with an Amazonite bracelet or Amazonite ring. Utilizing an Amazonite during meditation or as a decorative piece creates an atmosphere of tranquility and equilibrium, facilitating deep introspection and personal growth. With its soothing properties, Amazonite can aid in promoting emotional well-being and resilience, relieving stress and anxiety.


sunstone for confidence

Sunstone, a radiant crystal with warm hues, possesses many benefits that can enhance confidence and foster a sense of empowerment. Beyond its captivating beauty, Sunstone offers properties that can help alleviate stress and anxiety while promoting self-assurance. Sunstone's benefit can be invaluable in cultivating confidence, embracing personal power, and igniting a positive mindset.

  • Boosting Self-Confidence: Sunstone is known for its ability to boost self-confidence. Its vibrant energy encourages self-expression, allowing individuals to step into their authentic selves without fear of judgment. Sunstone empowers individuals to embrace their unique qualities and strengths by enhancing self-esteem and self-worth, fostering unwavering confidence.
  • Uplifting Mood and Positivity: Sunstone's sunny energy radiates positivity and uplifts the spirit. It is particularly effective in combating feelings of self-doubt and negativity. Sunstone helps individuals maintain a positive mindset and outlook and bolster their confidence in facing challenges by infusing a sense of joy and optimism.
  • Motivation and Ambition: Sunstone stimulates motivation and ambition, making it an excellent ally for those striving to achieve their goals. Its energizing properties instill a sense of determination and drive, enabling individuals to overcome obstacles and take proactive steps toward success. With Sunstone's support, one can tap into their inner strength and confidently embrace their full potential.
  • Empowering Leadership Qualities: Sunstone encourages leadership qualities, making it an ideal crystal for those seeking to assert themselves in various areas of life. It assists in developing practical communication skills, inspiring others, and taking charge of one's destiny. By embodying the qualities of empowerment and leadership, Sunstone helps individuals exude confidence in their roles and responsibilities.
  • Self-Acceptance and Authenticity: Sunstone promotes self-acceptance and authenticity, allowing individuals to embrace their authentic selves without fear of judgment. By dissolving self-doubt and encouraging self-expression, Sunstone cultivates an environment of self-empowerment. It helps individuals recognize their unique qualities, enabling them to shine confidently and authentically in all aspects of life.
  • Courage and Overcoming Fear: Sunstone instills courage and aids in overcoming fears and insecurities. Its warm energy is a gentle motivator, supporting individuals in stepping outside their comfort zones and embracing new experiences. By reducing anxiety and promoting a sense of fearlessness, Sunstone empowers individuals to tackle challenges head-on, fostering confidence and personal growth.

To benefit from Sunstone's properties of relieving stress and anxiety, you can incorporate it into your daily life through jewelry, such as a Sunstone bracelet. Wearing Sunstone as jewelry allows you to carry its soothing energy throughout the day. Additionally, placing a Sunstone tumble stone in your living or working space can create a harmonious environment that promotes emotional well-being and resilience. By embracing the beauty and energy of Sunstone, you invite a sense of warmth, optimism, and vitality into your life, helping to alleviate stress and anxiety.

Care and Maintenance of Crystals

In order to fully harness the metaphysical benefits of your precious crystals, it's essential to keep them energetically vibrant and physically clean. Here, we'll delve into simple yet effective methods, including cleaning and charging crystals, ensuring their aesthetic and healing properties are preserved and optimized.

  • Intention Setting: Start by holding the crystal in your hand, close your eyes and deeply inhale. In a calm and centered state, set your intention to cleanse the crystal for enhancing your confidence.
  • Sunlight or Moonlight Bathing: Expose your crystal to sunlight or moonlight for a few hours. This exposure recharges the crystal's energy, helping to amplify your confidence.
  • Water Rinse: Rinse the crystal under cool, running water. As the water flows over it, imagine it washing away negativity and infusing it with vibrant, confident energy.
  • Smoke Smudging: Burn some sage or Palo Santo and pass your crystal through the smoke. This is believed to cleanse and purify the crystal's energy.
  • Sound Healing: The soothing sounds of Tibetan singing bowls have been used for centuries in sound healing practices. These bowls produce harmonious vibrations that promote relaxation, reduce stress, and balance energy. To use a singing bowl learn from our blog how to use a singing bowl.

Recharge with Intention: Once cleansed, hold your crystal again, close your eyes, and solidly set your intention of confidence into the crystal.

Remember, the key to working with crystals is your intention. Believe in your ability to grow in confidence and trust the process. This is the spiritual power that makes crystal healing effective.

Final Thought

In conclusion, crystals can be valuable tools for enhancing confidence and self-assurance. By harnessing specific crystals' unique energies and properties, individuals can tap into their inner strength, boost self-esteem, and cultivate a sense of empowerment. Whether it's the soothing energy of Amethyst, the uplifting vibrations of Citrine, the grounding properties of Tiger's Eye, the protective nature of black tourmaline, the calming influence of Amazonite, or the radiant energy of Sunstone, crystals offer a range of supportive qualities to bolster confidence. Incorporating crystals into daily life, carrying them, wearing them as jewelry, or placing them in one's environment can constantly remind one of one's inherent worth and abilities. While crystals are not magical solutions, they can act as catalysts, inspiring individuals to embrace their authentic selves, embrace challenges, and pursue personal growth with renewed confidence.


What crystals are good for confidence?

Boost your confidence with our carefully selected crystals. Citrine enhances self-assurance and positivity, while amethyst instills inner strength and clarity—black tourmaline shields against negative energy, promoting self-belief. Red jasper enhances workplace confidence by aligning with the root chakra, promoting groundedness and self-sufficiency. It strengthens self-esteem, inspires leadership, and supports career growth when placed on desks. Amazonite fosters courage and empowers communication, and Sunstone inspires self-worth and leadership. Embrace their energies to radiate confidence in every aspect of your life. Shop now and elevate your self-assurance with our exquisite crystal collection.

What crystal is best for confidence?

The best crystal for confidence is Citrine. This radiant gemstone enhances self-esteem, courage, and optimism. Its vibrant energy empowers you to overcome self-doubt and embrace your true potential. Elevate your confidence with our handpicked Citrine crystals. Shop now and radiate self-assurance in every aspect of your life.

what crystal helps with self-confidence?

Citrine promotes self-belief and empowers you to embrace your strengths. Its warm energy inspires positivity and success. Embrace Citrine's transformative power to boost your self-assurance and radiate confidence in all areas of life. Shop now and elevate your inner glow.

Green crystal for confidence?

Green crystals like aventurine and jade enhance self-assurance and courage. Embrace their calming energies to boost your self-esteem and overcome challenges. Elevate your confidence with our exquisite selection of Green Aventurine crystals.

Crystal grid for confidence?

Unlock your inner confidence with our empowering crystal grid. Place Citrine in the centre to amplify self-assurance. Place Citrine in the centre to heighten self-assurance. Surround it with amethyst for inner strength, black tourmaline for protection from self-doubt, and amazonite for enhanced communication. Complete the grid with Sunstone to boost self-esteem. Experience a renewed sense of confidence today!

How Can Red Jasper Be Beneficial for Confidence at Work?

Red Jasper is a stone of endurance, vitality, and strength. It’s believed to stimulate the Root Chakra, grounding you and instilling a sense of stability and confidence. Red Jasper can help you tackle challenges with determination and assertiveness at work, promoting a can-do attitude and enhancing your natural leadership qualities. Keep a piece of Red Jasper on your desk or carry it to harness its empowering energy.

How Can Rhodonite Assist in Dealing with Anxiety?

Rhodonite is often called a rescue stone due to its powerful emotional healing properties. It helps balance emotions, nurture love, and promote well-being. By encouraging forgiveness and compassion, Rhodonite assists in releasing fears and anxiety, making it easier to navigate stressful situations with a calm, centered approach. Wearing Rhodonite jewelry or keeping a stone close by can provide comfort and emotional support when dealing with anxiety.

How Can Lapis Lazuli Help Combat Insecurity?

Lapis Lazuli, with its deep blue hues, is a stone of truth and self-awareness. It’s believed to stimulate the Third Eye Chakra, enhancing intuition and wisdom. By fostering honest self-reflection and encouraging the expression of your genuine thoughts and feelings, Lapis Lazuli can help combat feelings of insecurity and doubt. It supports confidence in your beliefs and decisions, making standing firm in your convictions easier and communicating more effectively.

What Is the Significance of Carnelian for Courage?

Carnelian, a vibrant orange stone, is known for its stimulating qualities, particularly on the Sacral Chakra. It boosts vitality, courage, and motivation, helping to dispel fear and apathy. Carnelian’s energizing properties can inspire bold actions, positive life choices, and bravery and enthusiasm when facing challenges. Carnelian serves as a beacon of courage and power for those seeking to overcome fears or take on new ventures.

What Are the Best Crystals for Confidence, Anxiety, and Courage?

The best crystals to support confidence, alleviate anxiety, and encourage courage include:

  • Red Jasper: Enhances confidence and assertiveness, particularly in workplace settings.
  • Rhodonite: Offers emotional healing, helping to ease anxiety and stress.
  • Lapis Lazuli: Boosts self-awareness and combats insecurities, promoting confident communication.
  • Carnelian: Ignites courage, motivation, and determination, encouraging you to face fears head-on.
  • Tiger’s Eye: A stone of protection that promotes confidence and courage, grounding you and fostering a sense of inner strength.
  • Amethyst: Known for its calming and soothing properties, Amethyst can help reduce anxiety, promoting a peaceful state of mind.
  • Black Tourmaline: Offers protection against negative energy and fosters a sense of security and confidence.
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