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Red Carnelian Bracelet 4mm Beads With Butterfly Charm

Red Carnelian Bracelet 4mm Beads With Butterfly Charm

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made in india round neck t-shirtAuthentic Crystals

round neck cotton t-shirtCharged By Singing Bowl

  • 4mm Natural Red Carnelian Beads
  • Butterfly Charm representing faith, transformation, & acceptance to new beginnings
  • Stretchable Bracelet
  • Size M - 6.5"
  • Size L - 7"
  • Handmade in India

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Embark on a Transformational Odyssey

Ever paused to soak in the mesmerizing hues of a sunset or felt invigorated by the first gleam of dawn? Such is the aura and charm radiated by our Red Carnelian Bracelet. With its 4mm beads and an enchanting butterfly charm, this bracelet isn't merely an accessory. It embodies a tale of evolution, metamorphosis, and the endless potential of fresh starts.

Why a Butterfly Charm?

You might be wondering about the butterfly charm. Let's take a moment to reflect on it. In their incredible journey, Butterflies transition from humble caterpillars, cocooning and revealing their splendor with vibrant wings. Nature's wisdom illustrates that evolution is not just inevitable but profoundly beautiful. So, each time this bracelet graces your wrist, let the butterfly charm serve as a beacon of hope, a testament that even after the darkest nights, there awaits a luminous dawn.

Unravel the Mystique of Red Carnelian

The allure of Red Carnelian goes beyond its striking appearance. This gem, deeply rooted in the Sacral Chakra, is a reservoir of passion, creativity, and a fervor for life. Just picture this: when self-doubt tries to creep in, or you need a little motivation, a glance at your wrist can be the uplifting pep-talk you need. Such is the essence captured by the Red Carnelian.

In an ever-changing world, where each day brings challenges, having a touchstone, a symbol of resilience and hope, can be invaluable. Our Red Carnelian Bracelet is not just a piece of jewelry; it's a companion, a constant reminder of the beauty of transformation and the endless possibilities. Embrace it, and let it guide you on your journey of self-discovery and growth.

Benefits of Red Carnelian Bracelet

  • Feel the Rush: Do you sometimes feel like you're running on low? This bracelet is like a recharge for your spirit. Wear it, and you'll feel more alive and ready to seize the day.
  • Channel Your Inner Picasso: Are you stuck in a creative rut? Let Red Carnelian be your muse. Whether painting, writing or just rearranging your room, this stone can spark that creative genius within you.
  • Face the World Head-On: Life can throw curveballs. But with the energy of Red Carnelian, you can navigate challenges with newfound courage and confidence.
  • Healing the Heart and Mind: Past traumas or recent heartbreaks can often weigh us down. This bracelet is a gentle reminder to let go, heal, and embrace the present.
  • Balance is Key: Juggling work, family, and personal time can be tricky. The Red Carnelian promotes inner harmony, ensuring you stay centered amidst the chaos.
  • Fuel Your Ambitions: Have a dream or a goal? Let this bracelet be the wind beneath your wings, motivating and driving you closer to your aspirations.

How to Cleanse and Charge Red Carnelian Bracelet


  • Water Wash: Now and then, give your bracelet a gentle rinse under lukewarm water. As you do, imagine washing away any gloomy vibes and recharging the beads.
  • Sage Cleanse: Light some sage and let the smoke envelop your bracelet. It's like giving it a fresh breath of positivity.
  • Sound Healing: Place your bracelet near a singing bowl. Let the soothing sounds cleanse and renew their energy. Our blog, Tibetan Singing Bowl and its benefits has some remarkable insights if you're curious about sound cleansing.


  • Bask in the Sun: Let your bracelet catch some morning sunlight. It's like letting it soak up nature's energy.
  • Moonlit Nights: Let your bracelet rest under the moon's soft glow on a full moon night. The gentle lunar energy will refresh its vibes.
  • Crystal Companion: Occasionally, let your bracelet rest on a Selenite crystal. It helps enhance its properties and keeps it energized.
Remember, your bracelet is like a friend. The more love and care you give, the more it gives back. Jump onto our blog and dive deep into the fascinating benefits of Red Carnelian. And if you're wondering how to keep your bracelet in top-notch condition, our guides have got you covered:

Kindly note: That the images shown are for sample purposes only. At Solacely, we make an effort to choose the finest quality gemstones, but please bear in mind that since each crystal is distinct, there may be differences in their colors and shapes. Please note as these beads are made from natural crystals some beads may have holes and texture in them.

Important disclaimer: Please be advised that Solacely does not provide medical advice. Healing crystals are not intended to replace medical treatment, diagnosis, or examination. For medical advice, kindly consult a licensed healthcare professional.

Customize Crystal Bracelets

We offer an easy and engaging way to custom-build your crystal bracelets. Choose your crystal beads, bead size, and bracelet type (stretchable or adjustable) for a personalized touch. Whether it's a single bracelet or bulk order, we cater to your needs. Check out our crystal bracelets collection and order a unique bracelet tailored just for you.

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