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Amethyst Raw Stones - Pack of 7 Stones

Amethyst Raw Stones - Pack of 7 Stones

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  • Natural Amethyst Raw Stone.
  • Pack of 7 stones
  • Chakra: Third Eye Chakra & Crown Chakra
  • As they are natural stones, lines, cuts, and holes may be visible.
  • Raw stones are used for their healing properties. You can place them in meditation spaces, hold them while meditating, or use them to create a crystal grid.
  • Bring healing during the night by placing them under your pillow.
  • Carry around raw stones in your pocket, bag, or pouch for an added touch of energy and positivity throughout the day.
  • Place raw stones on the appropriate chakra for healing.

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Amethyst Raw Stones, with their captivating shades of purple, offer a touch of elegance and a profound sense of calm to anyone who encounters them. These stones are not just visually stunning; they are also known for their remarkable healing properties. Amethyst, often referred to as a "natural tranquilizer," is believed to soothe the mind and emotions, making it an excellent aid for those seeking peace and relaxation in their hectic lives.

The healing powers of Amethyst extend beyond mental tranquility. This gemstone is celebrated for its ability to purify the aura of negative energy and attachments, acting as a protective shield around the body. It's also known to stimulate the mind, enhancing focus, and decision-making abilities. For those struggling with insomnia or nightmares, Amethyst can be a comforting presence, promoting restful sleep and pleasant dreams.

Amethyst's deep connection with the crown chakra makes it a powerful tool for spiritual growth and enlightenment. It's believed to enhance one's intuition and psychic abilities, making it a favorite among those pursuing a deeper spiritual connection. Whether you're looking to bring a sense of calm to your life, enhance your spiritual journey, or simply enjoy the beauty of this stunning gemstone, Amethyst Raw Stones are a perfect choice.

Benefits of Amethyst Raw Stones

  • Calming: Amethyst is well-known for its ability to soothe the mind. For people who need a little serenity in their busy lives, it is ideal as it aids in the reduction of stress and anxiety.
  • Imparts Better Sleep Quality: Having trouble falling asleep? Your ally may be amethyst. Ensuring a comfortable night is thought to enhance sleep patterns and assist with insomnia.
  • Growth Spiritually: This gem is a blessing for anybody seeking a deeper level of consciousness. Meditation practices become more profound and spiritual awareness is enhanced.
  • Emotional Healing: Amethyst is also known to promote inner strength and emotional stability. When one is grieving or experiencing emotional upheaval, it might be very beneficial.
  • Clarity of Mind and Focus: Amethyst may be helpful if you want clarity of mind. It is recognized for improving focus and intellectual performance.
  • Energy Cleansing: This stone is also helpful for cleansing one's energy field, which makes it an excellent tool for people who work in demanding circumstances or are easily affected by other people's energy.
  • Creative Thinking: It is thought that amethyst opens the mind to improve creative thinking and intuition. This stone is fantastic for authors, painters, and everyone involved in the creative industries.
  • Protection from Negativity: Amethyst is said to produce a barrier that protects you from unwanted energy and keeps you grounded and centered. This shield may be worn or carried.
  • Decision Making: Amethyst can offer clarity and support in making decisions that align with one's genuine self for individuals who are faced with difficult choices.

How to Cleanse And Charge Amethyst Raw Stones

Caring for your Amethyst Raw Stones involves two key practices: cleansing and charging. These steps ensure your stones maintain their natural beauty and potent energy. Here's how you can do it:


  • Water Rinse: Gently rinse your Amethyst under running water for a minute or two. This helps to wash away any accumulated energies. Be sure to dry it thoroughly afterward.
  • Sunlight: Brief exposure to early morning sunlight can energize your Amethyst, but avoid prolonged exposure as it can fade the color. Place your Amethyst in the soft morning light for a few hours. This gentle sunlight can cleanse the stone without causing any harm.
  • Moonlight Bath: For a deeper cleanse, leave your Amethyst under the moonlight, especially during a full moon, to bask in its glow overnight.
  • Smudging: Use sage or palo santo to smudge your Amethyst. The smoke from these sacred herbs can purify the stone energetically
  • Sound Healing: Use Tibetan singing bowls or bells near your Amethyst. The vibrations from these sounds can recharge the stone. Learn more about how to use a tibetan singing bowl and its benefits by reading our blog.


  • Crystal Clusters: Placing your Amethyst on a cluster of clear quartz or amethyst can help recharge it with positive energy.
  • Intention Setting: Hold your Amethyst in your hands, close your eyes, and focus on your intention for the stone. This personal connection can charge it with your specific energy and purpose.
  • Meditation: Incorporate your Amethyst in meditation. The stone can absorb the energies released during this practice, recharging itself with your mindful presence.
  • Earth Burial: Burying your Amethyst in the earth overnight allows it to reconnect with its natural roots and cleanse itself of any negative energies.

Remember to cleanse and charge your Amethyst Raw Stone regularly, especially when you feel its energy is becoming dull or less effective. Trust your intuition and choose the method that resonates with you the most. By keeping your crystal cleansed and charged, you can enjoy its benefits to the fullest. Visit our blog to discover more about the amethyst benefits. Your cluster deserves more love and attention. Read our guides to get the most out of your cluster:

Kindly note: That the images shown are for sample purposes only. At Solacely, we make an effort to choose the finest quality gemstones, but please bear in mind that since each crystal is distinct, there may be differences in their colors and shapes. Please note as these beads are made from natural crystals some beads may have holes and texture in them.

Important disclaimer: Please be advised that Solacely does not provide medical advice. Healing crystals are not intended to replace medical treatment, diagnosis, or examination. For medical advice, kindly consult a licensed healthcare professional.

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