Copper Magical Properties


Copper, a radiant reddish-brown metal, has been revered by civilizations across the globe for millennia. Its allure extends beyond its aesthetic appeal; it is believed to possess extraordinary powers. This reverence for copper stems from its integral role in human history, from its use in currency and adornments to its application in healing and spiritual rituals.

Long ago, people noticed that copper could help heal wounds and fight off sickness. This belief was not just based on superstition; scientific studies have shown that copper has antimicrobial properties, making it effective in preventing infections. So, they started using copper in their daily lives for tools and decorations and to protect and heal themselves.

In many cultures, copper is seen as a lucky metal. It's believed to bring good energy and help clear out bad vibes. It can connect you with spiritual forces and help your body's energy flow better.

However, what truly sets copper apart is its symbiotic relationship with crystals. It acts as a catalyst, amplifying the crystals' energies. For instance, when copper is combined with healing stones, it enhances their potency, expediting the healing process.

So, copper is not just a regular metal; it's like a friend that helps and protects, making it very special to many people. In my own experience, I've found that using copper in my energy work and healing practices has enhanced the effects and made the experiences more profound. In this blog, we'll dive deeper into the magical world of copper and discover how it continues to be a powerful ally in our journey toward health, protection, and spiritual growth.

Historical Context of Copper

Copper is one of the oldest metals known to humans. People started using copper thousands of years ago, around 10,000 BC. Copper was a big deal back then because it helped people leap from stone tools to metal ones. This period is even called the Copper Age!

Early humans found copper in nature and saw it could be shaped and used for many things. They made tools, weapons, and jewelry with it. As time passed, they learned to mix copper with tin to make bronze, which is even more vital. This led to the Bronze Age, where copper's importance grew even more.

Different cultures around the world value copper for more than just its usefulness. They also saw it as a special or sacred metal. For example, in ancient Egypt, people believed copper had healing powers and used it to make medical tools and ornaments. The Egyptians thought copper could protect the dead and help them in the afterlife, so they even put copper items in tombs. This reverence for copper in the afterlife reflects its spiritual significance and its role in connecting the physical and spiritual worlds.

In other parts of the world, like in ancient Greece and Rome, copper was used to make coins, statues, and armor. These societies also believed in copper's healing properties, using it to treat wounds and illnesses. In India, copper is considered a sacred metal and is used in religious ceremonies and rituals. The diversity of these cultural practices underscores the universal appeal and versatility of copper.

Native Americans used copper for tools and in their spiritual practices. They believed copper had spiritual significance and could connect the physical and spiritual worlds.

So, copper has a rich history that goes back a long way. People have always seen it as more than just a metal. They thought it had the power to heal, protect, and connect with something bigger than us. This deep history is why copper still holds a special place in our daily practices.

Physical Properties of Copper

Copper is a shiny, reddish-brown metal that's good at conducting electricity and heat. It's like the metal is saying, "Hey, I can help energy move fast!" This is why copper is often used to make wires and cables in our homes and gadgets.

Another cool thing about copper is that it's very bendy and stretchy. This means you can shape it into various forms without breaking it. So, people can make all kinds of things with copper, from delicate jewelry to big pots and pans.

Copper is also very good at fighting off bacteria. This is a helpful trait, especially in places like hospitals, where keeping things clean and germ-free is very important.

One of the most famous things about copper is its color. It starts with a bright, shiny, reddish-orange look. Over time, when exposed to air, copper undergoes a change called oxidation, which causes it to develop a greenish layer called patina. This patina is a result of the copper reacting with the oxygen in the air, forming copper oxide. Some people like this green look because it gives copper objects an ancient and valuable appearance, while others prefer to keep their copper shiny and new-looking.

Copper in Energy Work and Healing

Copper is believed to be very powerful in energy work and healing. It can help the body's natural energy flow better. Imagine our body has particular paths inside, like roads for energy. Sometimes, these roads can get blocked. Copper is like a helper that clears these roads so energy can move freely again.

In healing, some say copper can help our body heal faster. It's like giving a boost to the body's repair system. For example, wearing a copper bracelet is thought to help with arthritis and other kinds of body pain. The idea is that the copper touches our skin and helps reduce the pain and swelling.

Copper is also seen as a conductor of spiritual energy. This means it can help in practices like meditation and reiki, making the spiritual energy stronger and flowing better. Copper helps connect us to the earth and the spiritual world, making our meditation deeper and more meaningful.

People who work with crystals and energy healing often use copper with their crystals. They might, for instance, create a copper pyramid to enhance the energy of the crystals within. They believe copper can make the crystals' energy more robust and effective. For example, if you use a crystal to bring peace or healing, adding copper is thought to improve the crystal.

In energy work and healing, copper is seen as a very special metal. It's believed to help with physical pain, improve energy flow, and strengthen the effects of healing crystals. However, it's important to note that copper can cause skin discoloration or allergic reactions in some individuals. This is why it's crucial to use copper in moderation and consult a professional if you have any concerns.

Copper and crystals 

Copper and crystals are like best friends in healing and energy work. When they come together, they help each other become even more powerful. In the following sections, we'll explore ten crystals that work well with copper and the unique benefits they bring to energy work and healing.

Malachite and Copper: A Healing Duo

Malachite is a rich green crystal known for its beautiful patterns. People love it not just for its looks but also for its potent healing energy. It's said to protect and heal by absorbing negative vibes.

  • Healing Powers: Malachite is like a shield. It helps keep away bad energy and emotional pain. If you're feeling sad or stressed, malachite can help make you feel better. It's also known to help with physical pain, especially in bones and muscles.
  • Malachite and Copper Together: Something special happens when you pair malachite with copper. Copper boosts malachite's healing energy. Imagine you have a small light. When you use copper with malachite, it's like making that light much brighter. This combo is excellent for helping your body heal and protecting you from negative energy.
  • How to Use Them: You can wear malachite and copper as jewelry or keep them close to you in your pocket or bag. This way, you carry their protective and healing energy all day.

Azurite and Copper: Unlocking Wisdom

Azurite is a deep blue crystal that resembles the night sky. It's famous for helping people think clearly and boost their intuition. It can also help you understand things better and listen to your inner voice.

  • Boosting the Mind: Azurite is like a brain booster. It helps you focus, clears your thoughts, and increases your wisdom. If you're learning something new or need to make a big decision, azurite can help you see things more clearly.
  • Azurite with Copper: Pairing azurite with copper is like adding a supercharger to your brainpower. Copper helps carry azurite's energy, strengthening your mind and intuition. This combination can help you connect better with your thoughts and feelings.
  • How to Use Them: Wearing azurite and copper as a necklace or bracelet can help keep your energy close. This way, you can think clearly and make better daily decisions.

Turquoise and Copper: A Protective Pair

Turquoise is a bright blue-green crystal that is as pretty as the sky on a clear day. It's been loved for centuries for its beauty and power to protect and heal.

  • Shield of Protection: Turquoise is like a protective shield. It helps keep lousy energy away and brings good vibes. Turquoise can help cheer you up and keep you safe if you're feeling down or in trouble.
  • Turquoise with Copper: Combining turquoise with copper makes this protection even more vital. Copper acts like a booster, enhancing turquoise's ability to guard against negativity and bring peace. They create a super shield that helps you feel secure and optimistic.
  • How to Use Them: Wearing turquoise and copper together, like in a bracelet or a necklace, is a great way to carry their protective energy with you all day. They can help you stay calm, positive, and safe from negative vibes.

Quartz and Copper: The Power Amplifiers

Quartz is a transparent crystal that looks like ice. It's powerful and can work with any energy. People use it to make their wishes come true and to cleanse bad vibes.

  • Amplifying Energy: Quartz is like a battery that makes energy stronger. It can take your thoughts and wishes and make them more powerful. It also helps clean out negative energy, making your space feel fresh and happy.
  • Quartz with Copper: Combining quartz with copper is like turning up the volume on your favorite song. Copper helps quartz work even better, strengthening your positive thoughts and energy. Together, they can help you feel more precise and more focused.
  • How to Use Them: You can keep quartz and copper close to you, like wearing them as jewelry or putting them in your room. This way, you can always have their vital, positive energy around you, helping you stay focused and positive.

Amethyst and Copper: A Calming Connection

Amethyst is a beautiful purple crystal known for bringing calmness and clarity. It's like a peaceful friend that helps you relax and think clearly.

  • Soothing and Spiritual: Amethyst is excellent for calming the mind and gentle emotions. Amethyst can help calm you down if you feel stressed or worried. It's also good for spiritual growth, helping you connect with deeper parts of yourself.
  • Amethyst with Copper: Pairing amethyst with copper strengthens these calming and spiritual qualities even more. Copper acts like a helper, making amethyst's energy more powerful. It's like having a friend who makes you feel more relaxed and connected to your inner peace.
  • How to Use Them: Wearing amethyst and copper together, like in a piece of jewelry, can help you carry this calm and soothing energy throughout the day. It can make you feel more peaceful and connected, no matter where you are or what you're doing.

Citrine and Copper: A Bright and Positive Duo

Citrine is a bright yellow crystal that shines like the sun. It's famous for bringing joy, energy, and good luck. It's like having a little piece of sunshine that brightens up your day.

  • Sunshine and Success: Citrine helps fill your life with positive vibes, making you feel happier and more energetic. It's also known for bringing success and wealth. If you want to achieve your goals or bring more abundance into your life, citrine can help.
  • Citrine with Copper: When you pair citrine with copper, the sunshine shines. Copper boosts citrine's positive energy, making you feel even more joyful and triumphant. Together, they create a powerful energy that can help attract good things and make you feel great.
  • How to Use Them: Keeping citrine and copper close to you, like in a piece of jewelry or a small stone in your pocket, can help you carry this bright, positive energy everywhere you go. It's like carrying a little sunshine that lets you stay happy and prosperous.

Lapis Lazuli and Copper: A Wisdom-Enhancing Pair

Lapis Lazuli is a deep blue crystal with little dots that look like stars in the night sky. It's known for boosting wisdom, truth, and self-awareness. It's like a wise friend who helps you better understand yourself and the world.

  • Enhancing Wisdom and Truth: Lapis Lazuli helps you see the truth and clears your mind. It's great for learning and thinking deeply about things. If you have big decisions to make or want to understand something complicated, It can help.
  • Lapis Lazuli with Copper: Combining Lapis Lazuli with copper strengthens this wisdom and truth-seeking power. Copper helps carry the energy of Lapis Lazuli, making your thoughts more straightforward and your insights more profound. It's like having a wise guide that enables you to navigate through life's challenges.
  • How to Use Them: Wearing Lapis Lazuli and copper together, like in a necklace or bracelet, can help you keep their wisdom-enhancing energy with you all day. It can help you think, understand profound truths, and make wise decisions.

Jasper and Copper: The Grounding Duo

Jasper is a crystal in many colors, like red, yellow, green, and brown. It's known for its grounding energy, which helps you feel stable and calm like you're standing firm on the ground.

  • Stability and Calmness: Jasper is like a friend who helps you stay calm and steady, mainly when you're worried or stressed. It brings peace and enables you to handle tough times more quickly.
  • Jasper with Copper: When Jasper is paired with copper, its grounding power becomes even more vital. Copper acts like a booster that enhances Jasper's calming energy, helping you feel more balanced and secure. It's like having extra support that keeps you steady and centered.
  • How to Use Them: Having Jasper and copper together, as a piece of jewelry or a stone in your pocket, can help you carry their stabilizing energy throughout the day. They can help you stay calm and grounded, no matter what comes your way.

Rose Quartz and Copper: The Loving Pair

Rose Quartz is a soft pink crystal that symbolizes love and kindness. It is like a warm hug for your heart, helping you feel loved and peaceful.

  • Love and Healing: Rose Quartz is excellent for helping you love yourself and others more. It heals the heart from sadness and brings peace and happiness. It's like a friend who always reminds you that you are loved.
  • Rose Quartz with Copper: When you pair Rose Quartz with copper, its loving energy becomes even more vital. Copper helps boost the gentle vibes of Rose Quartz, making you feel more loved and connected to the people around you. The warm feeling of a hug gets even cozier and friendlier.
  • How to Use Them: Wearing Rose Quartz and copper together, like in a bracelet or a necklace, can help you keep this loving energy close to you all day. It can help you feel more loving and peaceful, no matter where you are or what you're doing.

Tiger's Eye and Copper: The Courageous Pair

The tiger's Eye is a crystal with bands of yellow and brown that shimmer like a cat's Eye. It's known for giving courage, protection, and clear thinking. It's like a brave friend who helps you feel strong and intelligent.

  • Courage and Clarity: Tiger's Eye helps you face fears and confidently make decisions. It's great when you must be brave or think clearly about something important. It's like having a clear path in the jungle of your thoughts.
  • Tiger's Eye with Copper: Pairing Tiger's Eye with copper makes these qualities even stronger. Copper enhances the energy of Tiger's Eye, giving you extra strength and mental clarity. It's like having a shield and a map, helping you navigate challenging situations with courage and clear direction.
  • How to Use Them: Wearing Tiger's Eye and copper together, like in jewelry, can help you carry their courageous and clear energy all day. They can help you feel brave and think clearly, no matter what challenges come your way.

Copper in Modern Spiritual Practices

Copper is not just an old, magical metal; it's also popular in today's spiritual activities. People love using copper because it helps connect with the earth's energy and improves spiritual healing.

  • Energy Conductor: Copper is like a bridge that helps carry spiritual energy. It's great for moving this energy around and making it stronger. This is why many people use copper in healing sessions and meditation to feel more connected and balanced.
  • Meditation and Healing: In meditation, copper is used to calm the mind and help focus. It's believed to help clear negative thoughts and bring in positive energy. For healing, copper tools like bracelets or rings are worn to help with physical and emotional balance.
  • Spiritual Tools: Copper is also used to make spiritual tools, like wands or pyramids, which direct and amplify energy. These tools are said to help heal and protect one's energy field.
  • Enhancing Crystal Energy: Many people combine copper with crystals to boost their powers. This combination is thought to strengthen the crystals' healing and protective qualities.

Caring for and Using Copper in Magical Practices

  • Keeping Copper Clean: Copper is a unique metal that needs care to keep its powers strong. When exposed to air, copper can turn green. This doesn't mean it's terrible, but it's good to keep it clean. Gently rubbing it with a soft cloth or lemon juice can make it shiny again. Just be sure to wash it with water and dry it well afterward.
  • Using Copper with Respect: In magical practices, copper is like a helper that brings extra energy to your rituals or healing work. Treat copper with respect, just like you would with any particular tool. Before using it, say a little thank you or blessing to strengthen its energy.
  • Charging Copper: You can charge copper with your intentions. This means holding it and thinking about what you want it to help you with. It's like telling a friend a secret wish so they can help make it come true.
  • Storing Copper: When you're not using copper, please keep it safe so it won't get scratched or damaged. Some people wrap it in a soft cloth or a box. This keeps the copper safe and keeps its energy pure.


In the world of crystals and metals, copper holds a special place. Its magical properties, combined with the power of crystals, can create a powerful force in your spiritual and healing journey. Copper isn't just a conductor of electricity; it's a conductor of good energy, helping to amplify the benefits of crystals and bring their energy into your life more robustly.

Exploring the combination of copper and crystals is like going on a treasure hunt. Each crystal brings its unique energy, and when paired with copper, this energy can truly shine and work wonders in your life. Whether you seek healing, protection, wisdom, or love, a crystal and copper combination can help.

We encourage you to experiment with copper and different crystals. See for yourself how this magical metal can enhance crystals' healing and protective powers. Pay attention to how the energy changes and how you feel. This way, you can discover the perfect copper and crystal pairings that resonate with your needs and intentions.

Remember, the journey with crystals and copper is personal and full of possibilities. Let your intuition guide you as you explore these combinations, and embrace the enhanced energy and benefits they bring into your life. So, why start calculating your copper magical properties with crystal benefits today? The journey is exciting, and the potential is immense. Dive in and let the magic of copper and crystals unfold in your life.

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