Crystals for Beginners

best crystals for beginners
crystals for beginners


Crystals are more than just beautiful rocks; they are unique physical things that are known to boost energy levels, transform the body's Aura and even prevent bad energy. Like other types of alternative therapy, crystal promotes healing by channeling a person's energy levels, such that your body starts healing from the inside. They also help fight depression by promoting a calming effect to the mind and body.

Considering the numerous benefits provided by crystals, it is no wonder that these are gaining high popularity in the world today. However, there is a wide range of crystals available today, with each of these serving a particular unique purpose. Therefore, if, as a beginner, you are interested in crystal healing, you would do well to familiarize yourself with the different types of crystals and their respective benefits. Having a thorough knowledge of crystals will help you choose just the right type of crystal that will meet your exact needs and preferences.

In this article, we have compiled the best crystals for beginners and their ideal purposes. Read on also to find out how you can take care of your crystals such that they provide you maximum benefits for as long as possible!

Best Crystals for Beginners

Here are the most recommended healing crystals for beginners

1. Amethyst

Amethyst crystal also known as the 'purple amethyst' due to its dominant purple color, this crystal has a great calming and comforting influence. Not only is the crystal protective and inspirational, but it also promotes spiritual wisdom. In addition, amethyst promotes serenity and a feel of calm, in turn helping to reduce perceptions of pain, stress and anxiety. This attributes make it an ideal crystal to use when meditating or for enhancing psychic abilities.

2. Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is the best crystal that a beginner can go for, especially if they're have limited knowledge about crystals and how they work. The crystal works with all types of energy, boosting and amplifying the energy levels.Besides, the transparent, colorless crystal also amplifies the effects of other crystals. Hence, you can pair it with other crystals, such as rose quartz. Clear quartz also purifies energy, boosts concentration, improves memory and also aids in manifestation.

3. Smoky Quartz

While all the crystals in the "Quartz Crystal family" are known for their healing properties, the smoky quartz crystal amplifies the healing properties tenfold! The dark crystal amplifies positive energy and blocks negative energy. Due to its unique properties, smoky quartz is ideal for people who struggle with negative feelings, emotions and old patterns. It can also be used to improve communication, relieving symptoms of depression and manifesting dreams into reality.

4. Citrine

If you are looking for a crystal that will attract abundance in your life, then Citrine is just what you need. Also called the Abundance and Wealth stone, citrine promotes prosperity and helps users manifest their dreams into reality. The crystal also boosts physical energy, in turn boosting a person's confidence, self-esteem and sense of self. Furthermore, citrine inspires mental clarity and improves concentration.

5. Rose Quartz

Rose quartz has a unique pale pink color which makes it a beautiful jewelry accessory. It is popularly known as the stone of unconditional love, since it emits strong vibrations of joy, love and emotional healing. Due to its powerful emotional healing properties, the crystal is recommended for those trying to heal emotional upsets, such as those going through tough breakups, the loss of a loved one or a painful betrayal. It promotes self-love, peace, unconditional love and long-lasting joy.

6. Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is mainly used for protection. It swallows all negative energy in the environment, keeping any negativity at bay. It also cleanses negative emotions in the body, encouraging feelings of peace, serenity and joy in the body. The crystal also provides physical healing properties by blocking EMFs and boosting metabolism in the body.

7. Garnet

The garnet crystal is the stone of manifestation and protection. It protects the wearer from bad energy, evil thoughts and all forms of negativity. Besides protecting the users, the crystal also induces feelings of passion, commitment, fire and stability.

If you are looking to manifest your dreams or overcome trauma, you can also benefit from using the garnet crystal. The stone is a powerful energizing stone that restores your stamina, and increases vitality. It is also believed to bring luck in the relationships of the wearer.

8. Howlite

With unique spiritual properties, the howlite crystal connects the wearer to the Divine. It vibrates in a gentle way that helps you connect with your spirituality, raise your sense of awareness and gain a sense of clarity. The crystal also eases negative emotions, such as range and temper, helping users calm their anxiety and reduce any tension they may feel.

9. Carnelian

Carnelian, the stone of vitality, comes in gorgeous shades ranging between red and orange. It helps users manifest success in their lives and achieve prosperity and abundance. The carnelian crystal is also considered a protective stone since it wards off accidents and injuries. It also provides healing properties, such as enhancing sex drive, stimulating metabolism and accelerating the healing of bones and ligaments.

10. Fluorite

The Fluorite crystal is known for its ability to convert negative energy into positive energy. It grounds and harmonizes the body, turning chakras so as to create a peaceful, calming environment. The unique stone also boosts mental clarity, advancing the mind and increasing concentration. More so, Fluorite is known to provide numerical health benefits, such as boosting the immune system and improving the restructuring and regeneration of cells.

11. Moonstone

Moonstone is a common crystal especially among women. It is a wonderful fertility aid that not only eases the tension during your menstruation cycle, but also balances the emotions that usually come with this phase. The crystal is also a protective stone and it can be used to protect the wearers when traveling, voyaging at sea or during pregnancy and childbirth.

12. Tigers Eye

Tigers eye keeps negative energy at bay and protects the wearer from danger using divine powers. It also balances the soul, helping users increase their sense of self-worth, confidence, and self-esteem. And if you are looking to manifest your dreams and goals into reality, boost your vitality and gain prosperity, tigers eye would be the ideal crystal for you.

Positive  Mantras

Positive mantras can be used in conjunction with healing crystals by setting intentions that you wish the crystal to hold for you. By speaking these intentions aloud or silently, you are activating the crystal and programming it with your desired energy and goals. This process involves asking for the highest vibration of love and light to connect with your highest self, clearing unwanted energies or programming. You then specifically state your intention for the crystal and repeat it three times, followed by expressing gratitude three times to reinforce that your request already exists in the universe. This practice helps align your intention with the healing properties of the crystal, amplifying its beneficial effects.

How to Care for Your Crystals

Of course, you want your healing crystals to last for as long as possible. However, for these to remain activated and charged at all times, you must care for them well. There are two effective ways you can care for your crystals: by cleansing and programming them on a regular basis.

Think about this; Crystals travel long distances before reaching their buyers, going through different environments with different energies. And when they are exposed to these energies, they may become misaligned and change their vibrational energy. Similarly, when they are used for healing, the crystals either redirect or absorb the negativity you release.

Indeed, while crystals usually release their positive energies to the environment, they also tend to absorb energy from the surroundings. Therefore, it is crucial that you cleanse your crystals regularly. Doing so keeps them recharged at all times and increases their effectiveness as when they were brand new.

There are various methods to cleanse and clear the energy of crystals. Some effective techniques include exposing the crystal to sunlight or moonlight for a minimum of 4 hours, using sound therapy such as Tibetan singing bowls or specific musical pieces, immersing the crystal in the smoke of sage or other cleansing incense, burying the crystal in the Earth for a natural recharge, and utilizing other crystals like Selenite to clear and cleanse any stagnant energy. These methods can help refresh and amplify the positive energy of your crystals.

Consider the following ways how you can cleanse your crystals

  • Leave them in the moonlight - Place your crystals on the windowsill on a full moon; the stones should soak up on the refreshing energy of the lunation.
  • Bathe the crystals in moon water - As an alternative to leaving them in the moonlight, you can soak non-porous crystals in distilled water that was left overnight under the full moon.
  • Cleanse them in a bed of quartz - If you have a large quartz geode, place smaller crystals inside it for 12 to 24 hours.
  • Use sound - If you have crystal singing bowls and brass singing bowls, bring the singing bowl to ringing and then hold the crystals within the sound field.
  • Use smoking sage - Light a sage bundle or smudge stick and allow the smoke to drift over the crystals. This is an excellent way to cleanse a bunch of crystals at once.
  • Use running water - Hold the crystal under clean, running water and ask the universe to eliminate any negative energy inside.
  • Use sea salt - If your crystal is not brittle, use salt water to cleanse it and eliminate unwanted energy.

Final Thought

Healing crystals should be a normal part of your self-care regimen. They are just what you need to bring out more joy and peace in your home, help you attain all your financial goals, and even help you find true love.Better yet, healing crystals can help you fully realize your spirituality and also ward off any negativities that could significantly impact your life. So if you are a beginner, you would do well to consider getting either one or more of the crystals for beginners discussed in this article, and you will undoubtedly see significant improvements in your life!


How is Rose Quartz used and what are its benefits?

Rose Quartz is a stone known for its ability to harness the power of the sun and is often used to connect with and open the heart chakra. It is particularly beneficial for enhancing various types of relationships, such as friendships, family connections, romantic partnerships, and self-love. Placing Rose Quartz over the heart can help infuse this energy center with comforting vibrations. By setting a crystal intention focused on love, Rose Quartz can serve as a reminder of the positive affirmations you wish to embody. This stone is believed to promote compassion, emotional healing, and self-acceptance, making it a valuable tool for fostering feelings of love and connection in one's life.

How is Carnelian used and what are its benefits?

Carnelian is a gemstone known for igniting passion and enhancing one's creative abilities. By carrying it with you or keeping it nearby, Carnelian can help you break through energetic barriers and boost your confidence in pursuing creative endeavors. Its vibrant colors mirror the stone's fiery and energetic nature, providing a burst of vitality and inspiration when needed. By setting the intention of unlocking your creative potential while connecting with Carnelian, you can tap into its benefits of increased energy, motivation, and creative drive.

How is Black Tourmaline used and what are its benefits? 

Black Tourmaline is utilized as a protective stone due to its powerful ability to create an energetic boundary and shield against unwanted energy. It can be placed on either side of a front door or carried with you to maintain its protective energy close by and ward off negative energies. Black Tourmaline's intended purpose is to provide protection, and the suggested crystal intention associated with it is "I am protected." The stone's benefits include acting as an energy bodyguard, forming an energetic shield, and safeguarding against harmful vibrations.

How is Amethyst used and what are its benefits?

Amethyst is commonly used for its powerful spiritual properties and beneficial qualities. It serves as an excellent decorative piece in a home due to its aesthetic appeal and healing attributes. This crystal is particularly renowned for enhancing intuition and self-connection while fostering a tranquil and serene atmosphere that eases stress and tension. Using Amethyst in meditation practices can help individuals achieve inner peace and calmness. Additionally, incorporating this stone into yoga and meditation routines can provide complementary healing effects. In summary, Amethyst serves as a versatile tool for promoting emotional well-being, intuition, peacefulness, and relaxation.

How is Selenite used and what are its benefits?

Selenite is a powerful crystal that cleanses and purifies energy, making it ideal for beginners in crystal work. It helps clear negative energies from the body and aura, promoting balance and protection. Regular use can restore well-being by replacing stagnant energies with positive ones. Setting a clear intention can enhance its cleansing properties.

How is Clear Quartz used and what are its benefits?

Clear quartz is a powerful crystal used to cleanse and re-energize others, dispelling negative energy blockages. It aids in clearing energy fields, enhancing manifestation abilities, and can be used through meditation.

What are the 10 essential healing crystals recommended for beginners?

For beginners interested in using healing crystals, it's recommended to start with a selection of 10 essential crystals that promote balance, harmony, and peace of mind. These crystals include Clear Quartz, Selenite, Shungite, Amethyst, Black Tourmaline, Carnelian, Rose Quartz, Pyrite, and Citrine. Each of these crystals offers unique properties and benefits for beginners looking to explore the world of crystal healing.

How to get Maximum energy out of crystals?

To maximize the benefits of your energy crystals, consider them as valuable allies assisting you on your journey towards achieving your goals and attracting positive changes in different aspects of your life. Utilize a crystal guide featuring healing stones that align with your intentions and desires to manifest and create what you seek. These energetically potent crystals offer a direct connection to the energies you wish to embody through their tangible forms and powerful vibrations. By wearing these intention crystals close to your skin or placing them in your surroundings, you establish a continuous bond with their energy, enabling them to resonate with your unique vibrational frequency and amplify the positive energy you are intentionally cultivating. By syncing your thoughts and intentions with the energy of these crystals, you can enhance the benefits and harness their potential to the fullest extent.

In what ways can Carnelian and Rhodochrosite be used to boost creativity?

Carnelian and Rhodochrosite stones are often combined to boost creativity, unlocking hidden potentials. Rhodochrosite facilitates emotional connection, promoting vulnerability and openness. Carnelian, known for its energy, rekindles passion and drives creativity, creating a balanced environment for innovation and enthusiasm.

How can Black Tourmaline and Selenite be combined for energetic cleansing and protection?

Black Tourmaline and Selenite are used for energetic cleansing and protection. Black Tourmaline purges negative emotions, clearing energy channels. Selenite promotes clarity and light, enhancing the energy field. This method is suitable for daily energy maintenance and intensive healing practices.

How can Pyrite be used and what are its benefits?

Pyrite, a golden mineral, is believed to attract wealth and opportunities, making it popular among those seeking financial prosperity or career advancements. Positioning Pyrite strategically in wallets or office desks aligns with its abundant energies, and setting an intention like "I am a money magnet" can amplify its benefits.

How can Shungite be used and what are its benefits?

Shungite, a rare crystal with antioxidant properties, is beneficial for detoxifying the mind, body, and spirit, and shielding against negative energies and electromagnetic fields. Gradually using it is recommended for body adjustment.

How do you use healing crystals with a positive mantra?

To use healing crystals with a positive mantra, start by vocally or mentally requesting a connection with the highest vibrations of love and light to cleanse unwanted energies or past influences from the crystal. Declare your activation of the crystal's powers. Then, clearly state your specific intention for the crystal, articulating the purpose you desire it to serve. Repeat this purpose three times to enhance its manifestation. Conclude by expressing gratitude thrice, affirming that your request is already being fulfilled in the universe. This method emphasizes the intent and acknowledges the crystal's role in achieving your spiritual goals.

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